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How much does a wedding planner cost in Loire Valley?

How much does a wedding planner cost in Loire Valley?

You want to hire a wedding planner for your wedding in Loire Valley but you wonder, and it’s quite legitimate, how much this service costs… I explain it all here!

As a wedding planner from Angers, I accompany many couples in the organization and/or coordination of their wedding.

The first mission I propose is the organization of your wedding. During several months, we are in close and privileged relationship to build together, according to your wishes, your budget, your requirements, your wedding.

Venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, beauty… Everything will be studied! And even what you don’t think about yet… And that’s also why you pay me, so that I can make you benefit from my know-how, my expertise because no, the organization services of a wedding planner are not reserved for couples who are overwhelmed and/or who don’t appreciate the preparations… So, you are planning to get married in Angers or in the Loire Valley, don’t hesitate and call me! Even future brides and grooms, and I want to say especially, future brides and grooms who want to invest themselves in the organization of their wedding… You will be able to benefit from my advice, my tools, my network… 

So how much does this custom-made service cost?

What is the price of a complete wedding organization ?

Each project is different and therefore each price is different… But I give you an example:

For a total wedding organization in Loire Valley, for 100 adults and 10 children, in July, with a D-Day coordination including 2 people for one day, my fees are 4900€.

“Ludivine is exceptional! And very professional! Always listening! Finds solutions, proposes ideas!” 


The second offer that I propose is the Wedding Day coordination. This last one is included in the above price list and is also the end of the organization from A to Z but not only…

Indeed, even if you have decided, for whatever reason, to organize your wedding alone, without the help of a wedding planner, you can still choose to enjoy your day and leave the final stretch of preparations and the management of the Wedding Day to a professional whose job it is. This will bring comfort and lightness to you but also to your guests and also your relatives who will be able to fully enjoy your wedding. Also, to call upon a wedding planner to coordinate your wedding, it is also to bring serenity to the professionals that you chose, that they can devote themselves entirely to their service.

So, how much does a wedding day coordination by a wedding planner in Angers or in the Loire Valley cost?

If we go back to our example above, the cost of the coordination alone, that is to say the taking care of 2 months before your wedding by a wedding planner in Loire Valley, with 2 people present on Wedding Day, would be 2190€.

Now you know everything (or at least the main part!) about the rates of a wedding planner in Loire Valley If you want to know more and refine the rate that will be yours, according to your wedding project, let me know!

combien coute un wedding planner à Angers

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